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Last Updated: 12:01am BST 30/06/2001

D'Arbo Elderflower Syrup 500mlSalusbury Food Store, NW6 (020 7328 3287), 3.30

Elderflower: classic summer cordial

Very sugary and intensely floral. Doesn't take much syrup to flavour water.

Belvoir Organic Elderflower Cordial 37.5cl, 2.99

Low in sugar with a good citrus tang. Nicest flavour, but a lot of cordial needed.

Bottle Green Elderflower cordial 50cl, 2.29

Telegraph - Menswear/Shoes

An odd diesel smell and super-sweet.

Rocks Organic Elderflower Cordial Fresh & Wild, NW1 (020 7428 7575), 36cl, 2.89

Pungent, woody, mulchy smell is a turn-off.

Homemade elderflower cordial

  • 400g caster sugar
  • 600ml boiling water
  • .5 tbsp citric acid
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 8 large elderflower heads
  • Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water and stir in the citric acid, lemon zest and juice. Pour liquid over the elderflower heads and leave to steep for four days. Strain through muslin and bottle.

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