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September 13, 2006

Well, I'll believe that when I see it:-)

So the press release was headed

Viagra may heat up one's sex drive, but chocolate can make it sizzle.

And the main content was from Nigeria. Let me see, Viagra and Nigeria... OK sounds like spam to me but anyhow, here's the rest of the release

The report, produced by Nigeria's national committee for the development of cocoa, may be a bit skimpy on double-blind scientific tests, but it does refer to the marketing campaign of a British trade association making similar claims.

Baptised "Feeding Your Imagination", the campaign will soon launch a product line of six energy chocolate bars containing essential oils said to enhance one's mood, and especially one's sexual appetite.

Costing about six US dollars (5 euros) per 100 grams, the bars are fetchingly named Sexy, Beautiful, Dreamy, Fantastic, Sensual and Lovely, according to the website foodnavigator.com.

Britons already lead the European Union in chocolate consumption, eating nearly 10 kilos on average per year, and Britain is thus considered a promising market for sex candy.

The bits I like are:

  • The names: I can imagine a chocolate bar called 'dreamy' but tucking into a bar called 'Fantastic' does sound a little unusual
  • The news about Britons. I've heard both higher and lower figures but still, 10 Kilos, that's a lot of Milk Tray;-)

I couldn't find any mention of the Nigerian story on the website, but I did find this:

MXI Corp is set to build on its line of antioxidant-rich Xoçai dark chocolates next month with a chocolate bar containing omega 3 and omega 6 oils – seducing the US market by promoting the health angle.

This year functional chocolate has proven to be an ever-expanding market with dozens of new products being introduced globally to tempt consumers dissatisfied with ‘ordinary' treats or needing more of an incentive to replace milk chocolate with the bitter taste of dark.

This is astonishing, it's like a choclate version of Flora pro.active what's next, Carol Vordeman encouraging us to eat more chocolate?



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