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Sikelia honey

I must register a protest at the Rosslyn Deli's decision not to stock Sikelia honey any more. I was a particular fan of the Eucalytus, a rich, pungent, granular honey which is gathered from from hives on the slopes of Mount Etna by raven-haired maidens of unimpeachable virtue. OK, maybe not. The Etna bit is true but I can't vouch for the rest.

Sikelia is a small, Sicily-based, family-run, artisanal food business. Its organic honey is particularly delicious and the Eucalyptus seems to have almost magical medicinal qualities (very good for treating coughs, sore throats and the like). So now I've had to resort to Seggiano to get my fix and although Seggiano is undeniably a fabulously slick and ultra-successful brand, I feel as though I'm letting down a mate.


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