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Align your bleedin' chakras, or else!

Just back from a couple of days in Cumbria (but more of that later) and rummaging through the post. A brochure for the Mind Body Soul exhibition threw up this classic bit of copywriting which has nothing to do with food but made me snort with laughter:

Former East End gangster Reiki Ron spent 17 years in solitary [confinement] for GBH and crimes of violence. Locked up, he discovered he had as much a gift for healing with his hands as he did for beating people senseless with them. Fed up with softly spoken, over-polite healers? Reiki Ron is the antidote.

Humour and healing? Who would have thought it. Reiki Ron can be seen at 3.30pm on Sunday 13th November at the MBS exhibition which takes place at Olympia 2 in London.


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